About time!

8 Oct

So I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my blog. I should warn you guys beforehand that I am absolutely terrible at technology and unless it practically does everything itself, I wont know how to do it and will need to Google.

Phew, glad I got that out of the way before I stuff up something that should be simple to do!

Anywayyyy, I thought I’d dedicate my first post to the new love of my life, my brand spankin’ new shoes from Peeptoe Shoes. They are seriously amazing and soooo comfortable!!

Check it:


Ridiculously good lookin'


Peeptoe had super quick delivery and I was very impressed not only by their service but also by their adorable packaging and the whole shipment process. One minute I was clicking to check my tracking of the order, next thing I know the postman is on my doorstep with these babies!

I couldn’t wait to get them on!!




Hot or what??

Price: $149.50
-total $164.50 including $15.00 shipping

From: http://www.peeptoeshoes.com.au/


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