POP TIP: How to get J.Lo lashes

11 Oct

Want naturally lush lashes?  (Who doesn’t?) Here’s the thing. I am pretty much obsessed with trying to get perfect Bambi-esque eyelashes. However, being blessed with more Thumper than Bambi lashes, I’ve had to perfect a way to make it seem like I have these lashes on the left. Here’s a few tips on how to get natural yet gorgeous and long lashes.

The first tip? Curl your lashes. That is a. Must. Then coat both sides of your top lashes. Before making that funny “O” shape with your mouth (you know you do it) and applying your mascara to just the bottom of your top lashes, coat the top first. By popping some mascara on the top it will help to coat every lash and give you more volume.

The second tip is to use two mascaras. A lengthening one first, then a volumising. By using a lengthening one first, it’ll help to not only provide a base but also draw out those peepers making them seem longer and more defined. Try something with a brush comb like the L’oreal Telescopic and apply one coat.

Last but not least, go over your first coat with a thickening or volumising mascara like the Benefit BAD Gal. Viola! Perfect flutter worthy eyelashes. Worried about clumping? Don’t be. If you use a lengthening mascara with a brush comb it should have separated and defined your lashes.

Have you tried coating both top and bottom before? What are your favourite mascaras? I’d love to know 🙂


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