POP Nailing It! Moon Mani

3 Nov

Apologies for the dodge photo quality, this was taken with my phone camera which I dug up from the archives since I’m in Sydney and don’t have any nail polishes to swatch and review!

Before cleaning up the cuticles and edges.

This was my first attempt at doing the moon manicure and I must say I quite liked it! It was different, fun and awesome to look at.

I used two Bloom nail polishes in Zooey and Josephine.

Zooey, a metallic glittery silver. Awesome!

Josephine, a deep opalescent purple.

I started off by doing the usual clipping, filing and base coat. You know the drill. Then started off by popping two coats of Josephine on the whole nail bed. I found one coat wasn’t enough as it still looked quite opaque and I wanted a strong, metallic finish. Oh and quick tip, I know this might sound ridiculous but don’t worry about painting on the cuticles, because once you wash your hands or have a shower, any stray nail polish should just flake off revealing perfectly painted nails!

Then the fun begins. Using a fine point eyeliner brush, dip it into a glob of Zooey and carefully paint on a semi circle where your natural moon would be. I did one nail at a time.

Then taking the nail polish applicator/brush, ‘colour in’ the rest of your nail with Zooey by painting it as per normal taking care to remain outside of your drawn on semi circle. Don’t worry too much about keeping it neat and on the nails (refer to above tip).

Let it dry then go over it with a top coat. I love Essie ‘good to go!

And there you have it. An easy way to give the moon mani a go without the need for pro manicurist skills. Have fun!!

Take a snap and show me if you have a go, I’d love to see your version!

Price: Bloom nail polishes are $19.95 each

From: Myer, Bloom boutiques and Bloom website.


Ps, remember to enter yourself into my POP Comp to win a Benefit “Valley of the Stars” kit!


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