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Hello Faux Clean Hair!

12 Oct

Don’t have time to wash your hair? I’ll bet your hair is looking a little on the limp side of things. To fool everyone into thinking you have freshly washed and sexy voluminous hair, all it takes is a few minutes.

Shake your head up-side down, spray with a little hairspray and then blast it with the hairdryer on high for a few seconds.

Flip your hair back up and section the top parts of your hair and spray the roots with Batiste dry shampoo (it’ll make your hair smell nice).

Work it in then grab your GHD and pop in a few random curls all over the place.

Lastly, secure two sections of hair from both sides of the face at the crown by overlapping two bobby pins so they create an “X”.

This half up curled hair look is great if you’re in a rush, need a little oomph & volume or need to keep your hair out of your eyes without taking the focus off your face.

Try it and let me know how it goes!