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Bliss Spa Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask Review

24 Jan

Hailing from New York, Bliss Spa comes with its own cult following. With product names such as Fat Girl Slim, Peeling Groovy and Thinny Thin Chin how could I resist? Simple packaging, easy to use instructions and product names that scream out what they do have helped to lure me in.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. Now there is a product name worth handing over 85 shmakaroos for. Or so I thought. Admittedly, I love it. It does everything it claims to and leaves my skin so ridiculously radiant and energized I could be mistaken for Lea Michelle. Using a complexion-brightening formula, plus vitamin C and antioxidants, the energising mask does actually completely energize and revitalise my skin. The mask has a zingy citrus scent, which helps to make me feel refreshed. I love anything citrus scented!

It comes in a cylindrical pump dispenser bottle that pumps out a silky gel like texture that transforms into fun little bubbles that tingle, froth and pop once massaged into the skin. So much fun!!


What the website says:
A super quick fix for dull, tired and sallow, ‘I’m sick of my skin’ skin. Engineered to mimic the effects of our spa’s famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial in seconds. This fabulous complexion brightening formula uses every ‘tech’ in the book to give you fresher, younger-looking skin.

•delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative Fluid02 technology
•brightens, lightens, and tightens the skin with the most active powerful form of Vitamin C available
•protects cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants


Guess what? Since 1996, Bliss Spas have given over 75,000 Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Treatment facials!


  • Instantly energises and is actually a “super quick fix”
  • Immediate results and fun to use!
  • Leaves my skin looking extra radiant
  • Skin feels smoother for about an hour after using


  • The radiant and smoothing effect didn’t last very long, was very temporary. Max 3 hours.
  • Very $$$
  • Bliss says to leave on for 5 minutes however I found the bubbles didn’t last that long, only about 3 minutes.
  • I’m a bit sceptical about a products that claims to deliver liquified oxygen into your skin. Really? Does it really work…? My skin didn’t feel particularly hydrated afterwards…

Was it worth it? I think so. If you can afford to hand over $85 for a bottle that’ll last you about a year, then I’d definitely recommend it. I use mine about once a week or just whenever I find my skin needs a little kick up it’s rear end. Coupled with the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm afterwards I am literally GLOWING!! The great thing about this mask too is that it’s so quick and easy to use. If you don’t have time to sit down for a full blown facial or a 30 minute face mask, this 5 minute action packed pumper will whack some life into your skin stat.

Overall rating? 8/10

Price: $85 for 100mL

From: Selected Myer stores nationally.


Estee Lauder ANR Concentrate Review

28 Oct

Little jar of hope...?

I’ve heard so much about this little guy. Always being featured in magazines, beauty ed’s top picks, various bloggers raves, so decided once and for all to try it out. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment (whoa, tongue twister) is the older cousin to the original Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex (another mouth full!) aka ANR.


From the website:

A 21-night treatment to free skin from visible damage.

This intensive boosting serum frees your skin from the visible accumulation of excessive damage.

Helps dramatically boost skin’s natural ability to repair the visible effects of this accumulation, helping to “clean the slate” of past damage.

Concentrated Recovery.
Advanced Night Repair Concentrate is formulated with 5 times the concentration of the patented* recovery complex found in the Advanced Night Repair serum you use every night.

Concentrated Anti-Irritation Response.

  • Immediately begins to relieve and calm the look of redness.
  • Helps skin naturally inhibit the irritation that can lead to more serious visible damage.
  • Amplified with the potent anti-irritant Amentoflavone.

Concentrated Barrier Restoration.

  • Quickly helps rebuild a weakened moisture barrier to keep more environmental irritants out, more moisture in.
  • Includes a highly concentrated blend of proven, skin-strengthening lipids, including Linoleic Acid, Cholesterol and Wheat Bran.


  • Use Advanced Night Repair Concentrate as an intensive “booster treatment” in addition to your regular skincare regimen.

Every 3-4 Months.

  • Apply 2 full droppers all over cleansed face and throat each night for 21 days.
  • Follow with the Estée Lauder moisturizer that’s right for you.

After Excess Exposure or Dehydration.

  • Following too much sun or environmental exposure, apply as needed.

Pre- and Post-Procedure.

  • For cosmetic procedures such as micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, use for 21 days: 1 week prior to your procedure and 2 weeks after.


Anyway what did I think about it? Personally, I didn’t love it. I used it for 21 days straight, 3 drops every night over my face (felt that was enough, didn’t need 2 whole pumps) and neck just before my moisturiser and I have to say that it did little to improve well, anything on my skin. Sure it’s a little smoother but that’s all I have to say about this gilded bottle. Not very impressive it seems!

However, it does absorb into the skin beautifully leaving it very soft and smooth.

I was hoping that it would smooth out my many lumps and bumps, plump up my fine lines, calm down my redness (borderline rosacea), brighten my skin, and maybe even possibly reduce the appearance of my constellation of pigmentation however, it didn’t really do any of that! I knew it wasn’t going to be some miracle product but I was hoping for something more than what my beloved Rosehip Oil already does.

The concentrate is water based but with quite a lot of silicones in it as I can feel an immediate smoothing of my skin when I massage it in. I wonder if this is a good or bad thing?

Even though it didn’t really do anything for my face, I have to say that it did actually perform on the burn on my finger! A day before I started using this, I burnt my finger badly on the oven. It was all red, blistered, angry and very very sore. As far as burns go, it had to be up there as one of the worst ones I’ve had. Anyway, I was expecting it to peel and go all watery/pussy and gross BUT surprise surprise! After about a week I took another look at it and it had nearly healed! What?? I was so confused until I realised it was my middle finger and I used that to apply the ANR Concentrate with. So it clearly does have healing properties in it since my finger is all back to normal now and doesn’t even have a scar.

This makes me think it would be great for you if you have acne, healing acne or sunburnt skin. However, if you have normal skin it probably wouldn’t do much for you and you’re better off saving the $$ to splurge on something else.

Overall rating? 6/10

Price: $170 for 30mL

From: Estee Lauder counters, direct from Estee Lauder website.

Ps, I received this product as part of a swap with a friend of mine who works for Estee Lauder and raves about it.

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POP Nailing It!

19 Oct

Continuing on with my recent new found appreciation for all shades of peach, I am now currently in love with and staring at my nail polish as I type. Tart Deco, from Essie “The Art of Spring” 2010 collection, is the perfect shade of neon peachy/orange. Here, I’ll let you have a little perve…


From left to right: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, Pop Art Pink, Nouveau Red, Tart Deco, Van D'Goh


Aren’t they pretty? Tart Deco is so much fun! It’s very summery and the burst of colour is so refreshing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another nail colour like it. In the bottle it looks like a nice soft, pastel orange, but once applied it goes on almost neon and in different lighting it can range from a pop of peachy orange to a soft shade of peach. I love it!


Without flash. Excuse the blurring, I was too excited.


It’s really pigmented but very thick so two coats were needed. The only gripe I have with Tart Deco is that because it is so thick, it is very streaky once applied. The first coat went on looking horrendous, second coat much better. Then the magic happens. When I added a top coat the neon like colour came out to play!


With flash...I really gotta work on my photo taking skillz


This beautiful colour gives a nice creamy finish and would suit anyone. What are you waiting for? Go out and buy it!

Price: $18.95

From: Myer

Peachy love for the 70’s!

15 Oct

So I’m a little late to the peach party but I’ve just found the perfect peach coloured lipstick! Behold the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick SPF 15 in Peach Passion #13.


Look at the beautiful casing! It simply screams elegance, luxury and hold me. Well, maybe not screams, that’s un-lady like, maybe gives a gentle nod to? I don’t know. I don’t do “lady” well.

Anyway, I digress. This lush lover  comes in 18 shades and is described on the YSL website as a “lipstick which combines pleasure of the senses, bright colours and total comfort. Both light yet rich, its creamy texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips for a pleasant feeling and incredible smooth-on qualities.” Spot on. It smells yummy like mangoes, feels amazingly moisturising on, keeps my lips soft and looks incredible on.

#13 Peach Passion

Not too sure why it looks pinkish in the pic but I swear it’s not that pink…? It also has a tiny mirror on top of the lid. It’s quite small but big enough for touch ups. The colour payoff is quite strong and you don’t need to swipe it over and over again to get a full coverage. As you can see from the pic above, it is also very glossy. I’m in love! (I think we’ve already established my obsession with lip gloss) This might be the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever tried.

Perfectly on trend with the 70’s make up looks we’ve seen from all the Spring Summer 2011 shows, a peach lip will give you that “cool girl” laid back vibe without the fierceness of a punchy orange lip.

Peachy Perfection seen at Gottex Spring/Summer 2011, New York

Paired with a light wash of bronzer under the cheekbones, dusted lightly across your forehead, nose and chin, you’ll be good to go!!

Price: $55

From: Myer, David Jones, Mecca Maxima, any retailer stocking YSL makeup.

Lip Smackers for Adults!!

10 Oct

No, I’m kidding. I wish though. I remember my first ever lip balm being an orange lip smacker and I was absolutely obsessed with it. I carried it everywhere with me. In my little purple purse, in my art smock at kindergarten and even in my frilly white sock at my uncles wedding where I subsequently squashed it all over my face in my haste to “look pretty like the bride”. I then cried because there was nothing left to wind up.

Anyway, I have now found something that reminds me of my beloved lip smackers! But the grown up version. Let me introduce you to my soon to be bff: Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm SPF 10 by Max Factor.


Smackers older, cooler aunty who sips apple martini's.


They come in 8 shades of Sugared Pearl, Coral, Red Garnet, Purple Orchid, Pink Oyster Shell, Pink Opal and the two above Amber and Rose Quartz.

These little babies are absolutely perfect for summer and lazing around on the beach. Sheer enough to wear poolside or beachside without looking OTT yet pigmented enough for a little fun in the sun. With a lanolin base containing mango and shea butter, they are not only deeply moisturising but smell yummy too! (Don’t taste too good though, I tried. I mean I licked my lips hoping it would taste like those Starburst Smackers, alas they don’t…) Oh and don’t forget the all important SPF factor, winner!




These balms masquerading as glosses are actually quite creamy but glossy at the same time. How do they do that?? They are quite sheer though. I wish the Amber (orange) one were a little more pigmented.


#03 'Amber' (has a few shimmery/glittery particles)



#06 'Rose Quartz' (a little frosted, very pretty though)


These Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm’s are part of the Max Factor Xperience Makeup Collection for Fall/Winter 2010. Which also include the Xperience Weightless Foundation SPF 10 and Xperience Volumising Mascara.

Price: $19.95 each (Gloss Balm)

From: Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacies.

Website: http://www.maxfactor.com.au/au/home/default.htm



Ps, stay tuned for an upcoming competition in a few days time. Will post more details on here and twitter.

Clue: winner will receive a kit to make them look like a star!