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Really late Halloween make up look post!

12 Nov

So let me backtrack a little bit. On Thursday 28/10, I was told that I would be going to a dress up Halloween Party in Sydney. “Yessssss”, I thought, “I LOVVEEE dressing up!!” I am after all, a bit of a show off when it comes to stuff like this. I think it’s because I have a chance to let my inner freak fly when I usually have to keep it confined to my lips and nails. Who am I kidding, I always let my freak flag fly. Own it girls!!

I'm normal.

Anyway, so long story short. I panicked because I had nothing to wear, no idea what to wear or where to find whatever it is that I would be wearing. So because I’m a bit of a glitter slut and had nothing to wear, I decided just to chuck on my maxi dress, wear heaps of gold jewellery and make myself up like I had been dipped in gold. Or rolled around in a bucket of glitter…either way.

The end result? Ta-daaaaa!


(This is a little more than a little embarrassing. I hate putting photo’s of myself up but thought I’d better get used to it if I want to show future make up ‘looks’!)

Yes, I am taking the pre-req bathroom shot of myself. No shame haha

EN-EE-WAIIIZZZ, this is what I used to create this not-very-Halloweeny-more-like-I-have-a-glitter-fetish look.

BASE: My usual prodz, as detailed here (up to and including mascara).


1. Benefit “Stay don’t Stray” eyeshadow primer all over up to brow bone.
2. Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in “Gold” all over eye lid blended up past the crease, as a base.
3. Bare Minerals Glimmer Eyeshadow pigment in “True Gold” applied with a damp fluffy eyeshadow brush to the centre of my eyelid, just above the pupils. Pack it on and slightly fade it out to the sides.
4. Benefit powder Eyeshadow in “Hey Bellboy!” (discontinued) packed on from the inner ‘v’ to the edge of the gold and from the other edge of the gold to the outer corners of your socket. Blend the gold and plum together slightly with a clean brush with a golden copper eyeshadow. I then used a plummy purple eyeshadow from a Guerlain eyeshadow quad “Violette Du Soir” #461 in my eye socket (or what I like to call, the banana -for the obvious shape reasons lol) just to add some depth and definition. You can use any purple plum colour you like or leave this step out altogether.
5. Popped my fake lashes on (I stuck two Ardell ones together, one on top of the other, that I bought from Priceline cos couldn’t find the ones I wanted) and finished off with a swipe of MAC “Rapidblack” Penultimate Liquid Eyeliner.
6. Applied Benefit BadGal Black waterproof eyeliner all along the bottom lash line and on the waterline. Set it with some Hey Bellboy! eyeshadow and highlighter the inner ‘v’ with the “True Gold” pigment.

7. To get the glitter to stick, I used my eyelash glue as the well, glue and applied it randomly with my finger then using the good old fashioned way of when I was in kindergarten, stuck my fingers into the glitter and pretty much whacked it on my face. Viola! Perfecto!

8. Oh and last but not least, I used the Bare Minerals “True Gold” pigment as a highlighter on my brow bone and cheekbones, applied with a stripple brush so it didn’t look like I’d gone toooo nuts, even though I did.


HO-KAY! Well, I don’t know if any of the above make ANY sense whatsoever, but hey! I hope you got the general gist of it. I think I may just make a Youtube video next time. I’m so bad at explaining things!

What did you guys think? Yay? Nay?

Please stop rambling?


POP Tip: Fake Awake

18 Oct

Want to look like Sleeping Beauty circa when-she-just-woke-up? Then listen up! If your week has been anything like mine, you’ll probably have averaged about 5 hours of sleep and begrudgingly become frenemies with your dark circles which are now the colour of the black sea.

Your complexion is the number one factor in creating a just-had-8-hours sleep face. Make sure you either use a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation with lots of illuminating properties in it. The subtle shimmer will make you glow and glide over a multitude of fine lines amassed from squinting at your laptop at 4am.

Next up is to cover up those dark circles, man! Again, choose a brightening concealer and pat it lightly under your eyes, around the sides of your nose and on your chin in that hollow bit. By doing so, the brightening concealer will help to open up the whole face and give you a bit of a much-needed lift.

Mascara is next up on the hit list. Curl your lashes like there’s no tomorrow, then drop the black and reach for a navy or blue mascara. Blue brightens up the whites of your eyes making them seem whiter and brighter whilst (hopefully) camouflaging the redness. Then line the bottom of your eyes with either a navy or charcoal grey eyeliner 3/4 way in. The point is to open up and brighten up the eyes so no black cos it’ll only make you appear even more squinty and draw attention to the dark circles (which by now are hopefully gone). Pop a flesh toned eyeliner on your waterline. Instant awakeness!

Last but not least, dust either an illuminator or coral blush onto your cheeks. This’ll add some colour to your face and make you ‘pop’. Dab a little illuminator into the inner “V” of your eyes, brow bone and cupid’s bow. Trust me.

Oh and if you’ve used an illuminator and not blush, have some fun and add a dash of bright pink or orange lippie! Hey, it’s distracting and who’ll be staring at your half closed eyes when your lips are so awesomely distracting?!

POP TIP: How to get J.Lo lashes

11 Oct

Want naturally lush lashes?  (Who doesn’t?) Here’s the thing. I am pretty much obsessed with trying to get perfect Bambi-esque eyelashes. However, being blessed with more Thumper than Bambi lashes, I’ve had to perfect a way to make it seem like I have these lashes on the left. Here’s a few tips on how to get natural yet gorgeous and long lashes.

The first tip? Curl your lashes. That is a. Must. Then coat both sides of your top lashes. Before making that funny “O” shape with your mouth (you know you do it) and applying your mascara to just the bottom of your top lashes, coat the top first. By popping some mascara on the top it will help to coat every lash and give you more volume.

The second tip is to use two mascaras. A lengthening one first, then a volumising. By using a lengthening one first, it’ll help to not only provide a base but also draw out those peepers making them seem longer and more defined. Try something with a brush comb like the L’oreal Telescopic and apply one coat.

Last but not least, go over your first coat with a thickening or volumising mascara like the Benefit BAD Gal. Viola! Perfect flutter worthy eyelashes. Worried about clumping? Don’t be. If you use a lengthening mascara with a brush comb it should have separated and defined your lashes.

Have you tried coating both top and bottom before? What are your favourite mascaras? I’d love to know 🙂